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Lydia Launderville

Lydia Launderville

Lydia Joy Launderville is a writer based in Virginia who offers services that include article creation, blogs, ghostwritten books, and more. Her work has appeared on Yahoo News, MSN, The Mighty, Baptist News Global, The Daily Press, and Virginia’s top newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot. Lydia loves volunteering, books, nature, and her rescue cat.

Books by Nishoni

The Fanatics

The Fanatics chronicles the struggles of a wounded police officer, who was forced into hiding, to reach his family with the Gospel in the face of certain death. Meanwhile, as his sister tried to keep him safe in spite of the dangers she faces for helping a "Fanatic," she also learns what really happened to her parents and who she really is. It's a thrilling narrative from start to finish with a "God-bump" raising, surprise ending!

A Harlot's Tale: A Story of Bravery from Abuse to God's Use

Rahab's father had treated her like the refuse burning in the pits all her life. She was used to being nothing and no one. But when he proudly announced he had found her a husband, Rahab realized how much worse life could be with Yassib, a man that hated her and would do anything to see her suffer. She saw becoming a devotee of the temple as her only choice, and she chose it willingly at first. Once again, her hopelessness and worthlessness got the better of her. She learned that there was still further to fall as man after man used her up. She hated them all and despised herself beyond what she could have imagined. Until one day, that is, when two men came to her, not for the usual reason, but for help. They needed her to survive. With her fate hanging in the balance, her choice to betray either side could break her forever… or could this one decision make an impossible dream come true?

“A Harlot’s Tale” is a fictional religious tale spun from the historical life of Rahab’s bravery from abuse to God’s use. If you like Francine River’s book, “A Lineage of Grace,” you’ll love this book! Get your copy today!

How to Get Published for FREE Every Time

How to Get Published for FREE Every Time trains you how to take a book to the "Push to Publish" button from start to finish. Complete with diagrams and full-color images, this e-book is easy for even the most novice to follow. A few things that are covered include:

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  • Choosing a Best-Selling Topic

    Having a book to show yourself as an authority in your niche IS all it's cracked up to be, but if it's not reaching your ideal audience, what good is it?

    When you find a highly sought-after topic that the readers in your target market want to read, you have found a goldmine!

    This e-book will teach you:

  • Learn how and what to brainstorm to find that bestselling topic.

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  • Author Toolbox: Inspiration for Achievement

    "Author Toolbox" is the perfect place to start when writing your book.
    In this Toolbox, you will access to:

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  • Your inspiration matters!

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    What Are Readers Saying About Nishoni's Books?

    "Once I started this book I couldn't put it down until I had finished! Although a frightening thought for those of us who are allowed to worship Christ openly without persecution, this book offers a view of what it would be like to truly stand up for Him under the oppression of an intolerant society. This was a well written story from beginning to end. I definitely recommend it to others!!"

    K. F. Sliv

    5 stars

    I really like this book. I believe this book is very close to what we will experience before the rapture... It is as they say a Must Read!!!


    5 stars

    This was a quick read that included a powerful message. Set in the not too distant future, this story follows a young man who has become a Christian in a time when Christianity has been outlawed. The story has some interesting twists and turns as this young man tries to evade capture and possible death. The story is a good reminder of how fortunate we are to be able to worship freely in North America. That's not the case even now in other places around the world. I look forward to more stories by this author!


    5 stars

    I loved this book, could not put it down. The writing pulls you into Rahabs story and when I reached the last work I wanted more....please do a sequel.... great book...

    Mary B.

    5 stars