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Molly Burkhart

Molly Burkhart

Molly Burkhart is a pastor’s wife and is now serving God with Jeff, her husband of 39 years, in Tennessee. She has two daughters, Nishoni Harvey and Nicole Wilkins, and one son, Codey Burkhart. She also has six grandchildren.

She loves spending time with God, her husband, her children and grandchildren, and her dogs, Cheyenne and Roxie. She loves to write, paint, and hike with her husband. She also loves to play her PS4 and is known as Mamamoe to the gaming world.

She is the author of Little Ranch at Riverbend: Young Love and Moutainview: New Beginnings. Be on the lookout for her next book, which will soon be released, Pineview: New Hope. There are also others in the works!

Books by Molly

Little Ranch at Riverbend: Young Love

Nishta Burkett wanders into Mountainview by accident after being thrown from her stallion twenty miles from her ranch. However, it is no accident that brings her into Mountainview’s handsome sheriff, Michael’s, life. In fact, some would say it is fate. But will Nishta and Michael notice fate’s hand before it is too late? Or will the miles and the trials or the Wild West keep them apart?

This short story romance is the first of three in a Wild West series! As you read Little Ranch at Riverbend, you will see the Wild West in color through harrowing tales that Nishta and Michael endure along the way. You will feel heartbreak, happiness, and confusion with the characters as they search for the paths they are to follow. The biggest question is whether their paths will include each other.

Will this Wild West romance turn Nishta into a Wild West wife? Or will this western short story have something else completely in mind?