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Hadidja Hamadi

“Nishoni was professional, efficient, and understood exactly my needs. She was very responsive in turning the draft into the final document. I was very happy with the speed and the quality of the work provided. Her friendly attitude, quality writing, and above and beyond service... I will definitely, definitely be using her again!”

–Hadidja Hamadi

South Carolina, USA



24 hours of interviews

Up to 24 Hours of Platinum Informational Interviews

During your Platinum Informational Interviews, your ghostwriter will gather personal details from you in individual interviews, drawing your story out of you. However, you will not be left to wonder what to say! Your ghostwriter will coach you through organizing your memories, so they can be woven into your book in a way that your readers will find them beneficial and understandable.

We Ghostwrite

Ghostwritten by Proven, Published Authors

Our published and proven authors will ghostwrite your nonfiction book in as little as three months! Fiction takes longer due to length and content.

We edit and format

Professional Editing, Formatting, and Cover Design

Take your dreams to a whole new level by allowing us to edit and design your masterpiece. Our professionals use state-of-the-art tools to format your book and design your book cover! You will receive the files for each of these processes when your book is delivered.

We publish!

Published to 400+ online stores and 240K+ digital libraries across 100+ countries

We will choose the optimal keywords and categories so that your book will be seen by more readers, writing a keyword-rich description for Amazon that will draw in buyers, and publish your book to 400+ online stores and 240K+ digital libraries across 100+ countries!


Premium Ghostwriting Service

The Premium Ghostwriting Service includes everything listed above PLUS MORE!

Premium Ghostwritten Book Get More!
  • Ghostwriting one book of up to 30,000 words in 3 months; more words will require more time.

  • Up to 24 hours of individual Platinum Informational Interviews

  • Professionally editing your book your book

  • Professionally formatting your book for print and for kindle

  • Choosing the optimal keywords and categories so your book will be seen by more readers

  • Writing a keyword-rich description for Amazon that will draw in buyers

  • Creating a book cover that will draw attention

  • Publishing your book to 400+ online stores and 240K+ digital libraries across 100+ countries

  • Delivering a professional-quality book trailer

  • Drafting emails and Facebook posts to rally your launch team

  • Creating a Facebook group to keep your launch team on target

  • Distributing the necessary materials to your launch team, getting them to purchase the book, and getting them to get their reviews submitted

  • Keeping up with reviews

  • Submitting Kindle books to promotional sites

  • Changing the pricing on the Kindle and print book accordingly at necessary times

  • Marketing your book on Amazon ads

  • Building an author website or professional website or optimizing the one you have

  • Building of an author page or business page on Facebook or optimizing the one you have

  • Set you up with an Instagram page or optimize the one you have

  • Posting to your Facebook page and Instagram for you for 21 days to get you started

  • Build you out a blog with 20 posts that are applicable to your niche

  • Creating a lead magnet—a lead magnet is a free product that will be put in a funnel to draw leads (new clients) into your funnel

  • The building of one funnel—a funnel is a website that will start with your lead magnet and only have one way through, funneling the leads to each following page. They’ll eventually land on a page that will invite them to book with you

  • Running Facebook ads to bring readers to your blog to build your email list so that you can market your book



    Nishoni Harvey did a great job on my book, "The Atomic Mindset." The layout is just what I imagined. She is a great communicator and quick at what she does. Thank you, Nishoni!

    Stephen J. C.

    Steve J. C.

    Nishoni really pulled this one off well! She caught things while she was editing and formatting my book that I didn’t. I’m so glad that she’s so thorough! I’ll definitely be using her and her company again!

    Stephen W. Rosen

    Stephen W. Rosen

    As an amateur writer who just loves to share my memories, I started a journal years ago on our life in West Virginia. Coming across it one day in my files, I began writing a book of our trials. I was lucky to have Nishoni Harvey to proofread and edit my work. She also trained me on how to find punctuation and grammar errors so I could present a more enjoyable story.

    Molly E. B.

    Molly E. B.

    I highly recommend Nishoni Harvey. She edited and formatted my book, "Forever Twenty-Nine," and published it for me to Amazon. I will be using her as I write each of my other books.

    If you need someone to write, edit, format, publish, or market your book, go with Nishoni at Inkwell and Authors Aflame!

    Kimberly P. B.

    Kimberly P. B.