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Growing up, I never feel good enough. This is only solidified when I send my first book into publishers to have it rejected time and time again.

Finally, my mom suggests a publisher in North Carolina, Word of His Mouth Publishing. They love my book and ask to see more! I publish that book and another.

Soon, I start ghostwriting and have ghostwritten 19 bestselling books for business owners and coaches around the world! Then I publish two more of my own and co-author two others. But this isn’t enough. I want to help people fulfill their dream and feel good enough by publishing their book themselves and moving their business forward. So, I decide to combine my two loves, teaching and writing, and teach others how to write their own books.

At first, I focus on anybody who wants to be authors. I teach them to write their book and turn their book into a business on the back end. In this time, I help people like Kimberly Peatrice to publish her first book and start her first business as a Master Grief Coach and Kristine Skiff to take her authorcareer to a whole new level by starting her new ghostwriting business, Gift an Author.

In 2021, I decide I need to narrow down my focus. It's then that I choose to niche down to coaches and consultants, so I can train them how to write their books so that they can be an authority, get speaking engagements, create courses, be visible, get clients, and boost revenue. 

However, it's not long before I realize that most of my clients are coming through my side gigs of ghostwriting and author services, such as editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing, rather than through the courses and coaching I am focusing the business on. It's at this time that I choose to revamp the business again to focus on ghostwriting and author services.

Shortly after, in 2022, the business gets so busy that it becomes necessary to take on a business partner, and I choose Kristine Skiff, who has been ghostwriting for me since 2019 and became my Director of Writing Services in 2021, for that task, and we merge our businesses. We change the name of Authors Aflame to Your InkWell and give it a complete facelift.

From that time forward, the business slowly morphs into what it is now, a one-stop shop for self-published authors. Today, we do everything for self-published authors that traditional authors used to do for traditional authors. Your InkWell helps authors, coaches, and business owners write their biographies, fiction, or nonfiction books (or have them ghostwritten) so they can leave a legacy behind for their children and grandchildren or so they can be successful in their field and gain clients. We take the author from choosing a bestselling topic and target audience through writing their book or having it ghostwritten. We edit, format, and publish the book to 41 platforms, 400+ online stores, and 240K+ digital libraries across 100+ countries. Then, we can market the author's book through ads, book funnels, website building, social media, book trailers, press releases, and so much more! We also offer business coaching to take the author through using their nonfiction book to market and build their business and create courses.

We seek to help as many people as we can, whether through posting helpful content on social media, helpful videos on YouTube, webinars and workshops, through our blog or website, or by helping authors, coaches, and business owners fulfill their dreams by walking them through writing their own books or biographies or ghostwriting them for them.

If you know anyone we can help, please reach out to us!

A Few Books Published by Your InkWell

What Are Clients Saying About Your InkWell?

If you are looking for straightforward, actionable tools to use with your writing, Nishoni of Your Inkwell is where you want to be. Nishoni is a whiz at writing, time management, and organizing and teaches what she knows in ways that are accessible to us mere mortals :).

Michelle Troxelle

5 stars

Nishoni really helped me get a fresh perspective on my offer and improve the clarity of what I'm offering to other people. If you need creative insight, clarity with your offer or how you're presenting your business, your works to people then I think she would be a great fit for you. I can definitely see myself working with her when I am ready to pursue publishing more of my own work in the future.

Matt Shaver

5 stars

I’m really impressed with Her passion about coaching and helping business owners put their stories in paper! Nishoni is creative, kind and understands what team work is about! Awesome author! And a person you need have around! " Attending her workshops and seminars takes you to another level of comprehending how we, as business owners, can market or presence in a lot of different ways. Her passion, patience and kindness makes her unique.

Ana Dominguez Shaw

5 stars

''Nishoni Harvey did a great job on my book, 'The Atomic Mindset.' The layout is just what I imagined. She is a great communicator and quick at what she does. Thank you, Nishoni!''

Stephen J. C.

5 stars