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Author Coaching and Group Coaching

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Coaching is one of the most powerful resources if you want to succeed.

Sports stars, actors, and successful business owners have known this for a long time. No one makes it to the top alone. People who reach the top all use coaches.

It is for this reason we provide coaching services.

It is coaching that got me to where I am today, and now I want to help you do the same, which is why our

coaching is available to anyone via Zoom.

Coaching is provided four times a month. It gives you an extra oomph in your step, offers some instruction, and ensures that you stay on track. Of course, we can adjust this time frame to suit your budget, goals, and available time.

One-on-One Author Coaching also comes with unlimited texting and messaging support with your coach.

Pen-to-Print Coaching and Accountability Group

Learn how to take your book from pen to print through group coaching and accountability!

✏️ Up to 60 minutes weekly of group coaching!

✏️ The remainder of the two hours will be used for writing as a group.

✏️ You'll have access to Nishoni Harvey, Author Coach, Author, Ghostwriter, and Book Formatter, through an exclusive Facebook Group!

✏️ You'll have access to Kristine Skiff, Ghostwriter and Author, through the same Group!

✏️ You’ll learn how to edit and polish your manuscript.

✏️ They will learn the secrets to becoming a #1 bestseller.

✏️ You'll be able to advertise your book or novel.

✏️ You will be able to monetize your books and make them into a business on the backend.

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Premium Mini-Courses

The Premium Mini-Courses are each close to one-hour-long. Some may be a smudge shorter. Most are a tad longer. They are well-worth the price at $97.00. The courses we have at the moment are: How to Write a Book and How to Write ArticlesHow to Write a Book will warn you of the many neglected steps, tricks, and treacherous turns in writing that can leave a writer teetering on the brink of disaster if not careful. At the same time, these same tools, when used properly, can make a book shine!

How to Write Articles covers both articles and blogs in detail. When writing an article, you must know about keywords, strategy, metadata, design, backlinks, and more. We teach you all of that in this course. And remember! That's not all! You will also learn the best-kept secrets of the top bloggers! You will learn how to make your blog shine, how to get more followers, and how and when to use backlinks, affiliate links, and guest posts!

Other Premium Mini-Courses that will be coming soon are How to Build an Author Website and How to Choose a Bestselling Topic!

Free Webinars

For information on free webinars, please follow our Facebook page or our Instagram page. They are both "@YourInkwell". We will also put updates here.

Next Webinar: How to Choose a Bestselling Topic

When: to be announced

Free Podcast

"Pen-to-Print" will give you tips and tools that can bring you one step closer to being an author right now so that you can continue to write away!

When: Airing August!

Silver Mini-Courses

We have a few very affordable mini-courses available for your learning pleasure! Please follow the link below for more information.

Silver Mini-Courses!


Are you an aspiring author or entrepreneur? Do you have a dream to get your book written, published, or marketed? Do you hope to use your book to leave a legacy for your family or to market your business or to build a business on the back end? Stop dreaming and start doing! Accept this FREE consultation with no strings attached!

During your Free Consultation, we will:

📖 Crystallize your vision for bringing your story to life from mind mapping through marketing and into monetization

📖 Discuss the # 1 challenge preventing you from getting your book published

📖 Determine a clear plan of action to reach your long-term goals with your book

📖 Explore whether we’re a client-mentor fit and if any of our programs or services are a fit for you